About Me

Hi Nancy Here 

I love lego and I feel happy to buy and sell used items. I do hope Lego move to being more enviromentally sound soon . I tend not to have new items so much because I feel uncomfortable being involved in NEW plastic creation . Recycyling used Lego though Is great.

Lego is a great imaginative procuct that all ages enjoy , is well made and doesnt end up in landfill.

I use eco packaging as again I feel happier doing so. We all know tha Plastic is not good for the enviromnent so if I can help in some small way by using eco products then I do.

My favourite themes personally are classic space, castle and pirates- as they are from my own childhood. 

I am always looking to buy unsorted lots especially of minifigures and their accessories , please do get in touch if you have a job lot that you want to sell. I will buy for £5-7 kg unsorted.


I hope you like the store 







 Last Updated: 18 Mar 2023